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The THEorY of
"Great" Society of the UN-dead

 Table of Contents

Page 2 (TH)EverYthing is a LIvE

  • An Overview of the 4 Horsemen the Apocalypse

Page 3 THEorY of LIVEvolution

  • Evolution Debates

  • Evolution Quote Quiz (Guess between Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger, Adolf Hitler and others)

  • Scientific (No God Allowed) Evolution Challenge

  • Scientific Evolution Debate Challenge


Page 4 "The Conspiracy" on video

  • "The Baby Guillotine"

  • Planned Parenthood Continues Hitler's Work

  • Is it Mathematically Possible to Pay Off the Fed

  • Final Leader of "The Late Great USA"

  • The real meaning of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil

  • Question for evolutionists: What is reality?

  • MYSTERY, BABYLON: No doubt the USA (not Rome, not Islam and not anyone else but..)


Page 5 More Videos

  • Help Obomball start WW III

  • "THEY Live" movie clips

  • What's Your "Needful Thing"?

  • The "Fed" Quantitative Easing Scam in under 7 minutes
  • The Real Meaning of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil
  • "Ancient Egypt" in the US of A The Pyramid of Giza in your face brought to us by the Skull and Bones gang and friends
  • Forget the "Profits" of God and their Cartoon Network "anti-Christ". Israel is NOT the center of Revelation….at least as far as we should be concerned

  • Related Links that point to the modern environmental movement (formerly of Hitleresque eugenics lore) as the biggest mass murderers in history

    • Bohemian Grove…today's shadow government worshipping Moloch of the Old Testament; the equivalent "god" Moses faced off in "Ancient" Egypt….if you believe that sort of thing

    • Cathedrals…the result of the Knights Templar honoring their "god", the Great "Architect" of the Universe

    • Kosmic Messengers…..reads just like the History Channel's "Ancient Aliens"

    • Rivers of Life…the environmental movement gets downright creepy

    • Bilderberg Group…..the real rulers of the world
  • An overview of "the conspiracy" from the Garden of Eden to impending Third World War between "Islam" and "political Zionism"


Page 10 Robert Christian

  • The history and description of the real Satan - vastly different from the picture painted by the Profits of God


Page 11 "New" Age/Nature Worship

  • The "science" of global cooling/global warming/climate change is so bad it's only purpose is to help bring along top down control of the world and genocide

  • Symbolism of the "New" Age

  • America's REAL Government the 322 crew of Skull and Bones

  • The UN-Dead's IPCC - The Intergalactic Panel of Cosmic Clowns


Page 12 Biblical Commentary

  • Job 12

  • Israel, Palestine and the "Jewish Conspiracy"


Page 13 Book and Movie Reviews

  • Get the barf-bags out read what David Rockefeller, descendant of the Hitler producing Standard Oil Cartel, and his bagman Zbignew Brzezinski have to say in their own words

  • Four must John Carpenter and Steven King movies that sum up "the conspiracy"


Page 14 More Eco wackism

  • The Earth Charter -Goddess Earth

  • The Anti-10 Commandments

  • The Population Bomb

  • Speaking of bombs hear the intellectual buddy of President O bomball's "science" czar in his own words

  • High priest mad scientist Algore at the 2008 Democratic National Convention


Page 15 Relevant News

  • News Stories and commentary from the early days of President O-bomball…..we've been warned


Page 16 Donations

  • Buy/Download my first book "THEorY of LIVEvolution" "Great" Society the UN-Dead and find out what the "Great" Society really means.


Page 17 Blog Talk Radio Shows

  • Discussions on today's relevant topics that the media is often afraid ot talk about including religion and politics


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